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I am a number crunching creative who loves to dream, build, and achieve. My goal is to empower women to build their business and live the life of your dreams.

Does it happen overnight? No, of course not. It takes work to build a life and work to build a business. Working hard is good, we should all know how to do this but working smart is better.

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Your words are powerful.  Not just for writers but for all people.  Is this a strange subject matter for business owners?  Not at all.  Words affect all of us, but they are even more powerful to people who are stepping out to do bigger things.

The bigger things could be running your own business, running a marathon, starting a new hobby to push yourself or living a bigger life than you have now.  If you want to elevate your life and take it to the next level, you need to use your words to speak life – into yourself,  into your business and into those people around you.

At the end of the day, before any words leave your mouth, before you post that silly rebuttal on Facebook, please ask yourself: am I being constructive or being destructive?  It is one or the other.  There is no middle ground.

What are you telling yourself about you and about your business?  The last four months have been a very interesting time.  I watched two $10 million per year companies disappear overnight.  Only to come rip roaring back 3 weeks later with better, stronger businesses and better clients than they had before Covid-19.

But I also watched two companies struggle to survive and accept the status quo because the owners thought that was the only thing they could do.  I can only help so much.  I can advise people on what to do but it is up to them to do it.

I also have two clients that should have been hurt badly but weren’t.  Why not?  Because we fought.  We stood ground and we prayed over these companies.  We used our words, out time and our talents to keep these businesses up & running and keep 100% of the people employed.  These companies thrived when then should have been crippled.

Your words come from your thoughts and thoughts usually come from your belief system but they can come from outside forces and environmental forces.

If someone hurls words at you that don’t conform to your belief system, then throw them out.  Let them roll off you and not affect you.

When the bad words come from parents or teachers that is a much harder thing to toss out but it can be done.

If you are the CEO of your company, the words start with you.  Your people, whether they are vendors, customers or employees will pick up on your attitude.  So even on a bad day when things look bleak, pick your self up and start speaking good words over your life and your company.

This is why you need a vision and why you need to reinforce that vision with your words.  You have something to offer, that’s why you started the company in the first place.

We all have something to contribute.  We all have very different things to contribute.  We need to learn to appreciate and love our differences instead of asking for conformity.

I am not good at design.  I can design a gorgeous spreadsheet and analyze numbers until the cows come home.  I can make my spreadsheet look really nice.  But design a logo or a website?  Ugh, it looks like a 2 year old put it together.   That’s not my skill set.

Will all the words in the world make me a great graphic designer? No, but they can make me pretty good at it.  I strongly believe that we can change out lives with our words.

Now, if a guy is only 5”8” tall he will probably never play professional basketball in the NBA.  But if he busts his butt, practices really hard, he can become a decent high school and college player.

Winning at life means you make the most of the inherent talent you were given.  For me, that’s crunching numbers, helping business owners run their business and helping people live the live they really want to live.

I am a firm believer in playing up your strengths and not focusing on your weaknesses.  But I also firmly believe that we can become really, really good at anything we set our mind to.  Your mind set is everything.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue.    Proverbs

What you believe and what you think about yourself will affect the goals that you set, the attitude that you bring to the task and the effort that you put into the task.

What are you saying about yourself?  What are you saying about your business? What are you focusing on right now?  How good things are or how bad things are?  Are you focusing on what you can control or what you can’t control?

Your words contain your destiny.  Where do you want to be at 12/31/20?

If what you have been saying for the last 2 months does not line up with your goals for the end of this year, change your words.

Change your beliefs, change your thoughts and change your words.  Your life depends upon it.

Determine where you want to be .  Then find a way to get there.

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