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On Finding Your Voice

Your voice is probably the most important instrument you have.  Okay, your head & heart are very necessary too but assuming you have good health what is the most important thing for you to be known for: your voice.

Everyone should have a voice.  I am not talking about your vocal cords.  Too many people are wondering around not sure who they are or aware of who they can become.  In order to understand your voice, you need to know who you are.

I was watching Grant Cordone at his 10X conference and he had a list of things you need to be successful.  Do you know what #1 is?  Knowing who you are.  Yes, the exact same thing that I blogged about a couple weeks ago.


In order to develop your voice, you need to develop you. So, how do you develop you?  You need to get to know yourself.  The best way to do this is to spend time alone.  I know, it’s easy for me because I’m a writer and I am used to spending time alone (although the Covid baloney certainly helped this out.

It also is easier when you are single and live alone.  Although my friend that is married with 3 kids simply locks herself in the bathroom to get her alone time.  You can find a way if you really want to but you have to make it a priority.

Once you know who you are this will help you discover your voice.  Your voice is that unique way of looking at the world based on your experiences, who you were taught to be, who you studied, who you surround yourself with and who you are mentored by.

Everyone we come into contact with can make an impression on us if we let them.  Some people you need to ignore their impressions.  This is why guarding your mind is so important. You don’t want to let the wrong influences in.  Most people are in jail because of greed and bad influences.  Even in your business, you can have bad mentors and bad influences.  How to choose a mentor is next weeks topic.

Develop your voice

Knowing who you are is where you start.  Then you need to know what you stand for.  Your voice will change over time as you change.  It will become more mature and more refined but the core is still the core.  Hopefully, we are all growing and changing every day.  We should all strive to become the best we can be.  Why would you want to settle for less than what you were made for?

Developing your voice means developing you: all sides of you.  This means developing your EQ as well as IQ, developing your mental health as well as physical health and developing your spiritual side by getting to know the creator.

Pay very close attention to who you are listening to, who you watch, who you learn from and who your surround yourself with.  Not everyone in your family or group of friends are going to be as driven as you are but don’t allow anyone to hold you back.

Everyone deserves to have a good life but that life does not come guaranteed on a silver platter.  Most millionaires worked to get there.  There is no there.  There is a journey but your journey is a lot more fun, a lot more adventurous and a lot more enjoyable when you make the most of who you are.

Knowing your voice and knowing what you contribute to the world makes life much enjoyable, fruitful and prosperous.

Once you have developed your voice then you need to share it with the world.

Expressing your voice.

You voice deserves to be heard.  There are people out there that need to hear your message.  No one can deliver your message the way you can.  People may say similar things but no one can do it the way you can.  As one of my mentors Pete Vargas says “Your message matters”.

There are people that will respond to you that will not respond to your neighbor or best friend or closest competitor.  Likewise,  some people will like your style and some people will not.  It is your job to find the people that need you and can learn form you.

People can tell whether you are real or fake.  When you are really sharing from your heart people will respond.  But before you share from the heart, you need to make sure that your heart is healed.

Honey attracts but vinegar repels.  However, you don’t have to dress stuff up. My signature talk for business owners on “The Power of Numbers” is not warm & fuzzy.  It is an example of what happens when business owners don’t pay attention to their numbers.  It is a great ending to that story but it starts out pretty tense.

I don’t dress up my story.  I let people know what happens to a business when you don’t pay attention to your numbers or the market.  It has dire consequences.  I don’t try to scare people but I won’t sugar coat it either.  Not everyone wants to listen that story and that’s okay.  But there are people out there that need to hear that story and understand how they can turn their finances and business around.

How to get your voice heard:

Get your voice heard by:

  1. Being authentic,
  2. Developing your message
  3. Sharing your message
  4. Finding your audience (the people that need you)
  5. Then stepping out and sharing your message with people.

That is how you get your voice heard.

Let your light shine

Let your light shine

In 2020 and beyond there are so many ways to get your voice heard.  Choose one method and get it out there.  Then you can expand to other formats but get you voice out there. 

Make sure it is your voice and it is a voice for good.  This world needs a lot more good.

Peace, Love & Prosperity,


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