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Ladies and gentlemen, are you fit?  No, just physically but mentally, emotionally, and financially and relationally.  How are you doing in all areas of your life?

We are in a time like no other.  We are bombarded on all sides with information, misinformation, lies and manipulation.  Most of the information and disinformation is very negative and a lot of it comes from our government and media.

Presidents, politicians, and media that lie through their teeth.  Not just a lie to get elected but a lie about the state of the economy, they lie about facts, they lie about medicine.  They basically lie about everything, and the US media supports them.  No one seems to bother with the truth or even investigate the matter.  Journalism was thrown out the window in favor of agendas.

Anyway, at a time where systems are failing the people and our country, and they will continue to fail.  It is very important, now more than ever, that you take responsibility for all areas of your life most especially your health.

Our systems are failing, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.  The evil and corruption is being exposed.  The political elites and the financial people controlling and destroying this country will be exposed.  The truth will come out.  We are going to re-make out country form the ground up but it’s going to take some work.

So, the question is:  Are you FIT?

Now, more than ever you need to be strong.  Physically strong, mentally strong, and emotionally strong.

Now, more than ever, you need God as your foundation.  He is the rock that you build your life on.

Let’s talk about how you get fit in all areas of your life.

Physical Health – Get moving.

Take care of your health.   Covid gave us a really good reason to be in shape and that will never change.  Get your body fit.  Doing something at least 4 days a week that is physically challenging with help you.

If you are older this maybe walking every single day.  If you are middle age, this means exercising enough to lose that mid-section that you really don’t want or need.   

Younger people have an advantage but even they can be overweight.

If you want to lose weight you need to work out 4-5 days a week.  Once you are in shape you can get away with 3 days a week.

Why get fit? 

One, it’s fun.  I just started doing CrossFit this year and I am having a ball.  Yes, it was tough at the beginning.  I could only do a reduced workout and then had to take the next day off to recover.  I went from 2 days a week (I was still doing Pilates 2 days a week). Then I was at Crossfit 3 days a week.  Then I could do 2 days in a row and now I go 4-5 times a week.

Start gradual and build up.  If you are out of shape, you will not get in shape overnight, but it will happen over time.  I’ve lost 2 inches off my waistline.  I still have 3 more to go but I will get there.

  • The benefits of working out are not just to make you stronger physically but also mentally and emotionally.  Working out release endorphins which makes you feel better.  This is a physical effect, but it affects your mind as well.  You feel good.

When I was in high school, I ran cross country. I ran 3 miles in about 21 minutes.  I was the middle of the pack runner.  I was never super-fast but I was consistent.   Yes, sometimes I felt like crud during the race and sometimes I felt like quitting, but I never did.  At the end of the race, I would feel so good I wanted to do it all over again even when I could barely breathe.

Your workout should give you cardio exercise but also weight bearing exercise to strengthen your muscles and bones.  Older people especially need to lift either weights or use their body weight against themselves (Pilates, yoga, bands, etc.

My friend who is 89 walks every day in his pool.  No, he is not going to lift weights at his age but he uses the force of water to keep him strong.  He does not have a walker or cane.  Nothing.  Now is he slower than me, yes but part of that is age and part of that is I still walk at that LA 120 MPH thing.

Find a place or activity that you enjoy.  Give it 6 weeks.  Don’t go twice and quit unless you absolutely can’t get into it.  Find something that you like and find a community to support you.  The Crossfit gyms in LA had super loud obnoxious music that hurt my brain and a bunch of guys lifting heavy duty weights.  That’s great for them but not me.  My cross fit gym has anyway from 1-2 dogs during the week to 5-6 dogs on the weekend hanging out and watching the owners and letting the rest of us pet them.  The kids 5-12 come every Saturday for CrossFit kids and it’s hilarious to watch them do their stuff.

  • Your mental health improves. When you start working on your physical health, your mental health improves almost immediately.  After a couple months it is a huge change.  Also, my skin improved 100%.  It glows and it’s much healthier than before my new workout regimen.
  • Your nutrition improves.  You want to eat better which helps you get in better shape.


Once you start moving your body will want better food.  It requires better food and this will help you change your eating habits.  Yes, the American food supply has been poisoned between additives and hormones and pesticides we have a serious issue with the quality of our food supply.  The 20 food depots that have been sabotaged over the last 2 years is another issue.  But we should not have to buy organic to get good food.  All of our food should be good.  Almost 100% of the corn in the USA is genetically modified.  Our cows eat grain.  This GMO stuff affects all areas of the food supply, and the crazy leftists want to make this standard.  The poor Amish who have lived off the land for years, just had their farm raided and all their food taken by the FDA under the guise of not adhering to the standards of Joe Biden’s regime.

Doctors & Medical Treatment:

Anyway, ladies & gentlemen, it’s time to take complete control over your health for yourself. 

  • Do your research.  Research your doctors and hospitals.  Do they accept money from the federal government?  Are they beholden to Anthony Fauci’s policies which may or may not be good for your health.

Do not listen to a single doctor, get a second opinion.  When I grew up this was normal.  Now, some hospitals accuse you of doctor shopping.  It’s sad.  The good news is that the internet has made information more readily available.  Find the good doctors, the ones who actually care about people, have a proven track record and follow them.

So, ladies & gentleman, it’s time to take care of yourself like never before.  Take control over your physical health which includes exercises, your diet and you will see your mental health get better just by getting fit. 

If you are worried or depressed or just down in the dumps, get moving.  Get your butt outside or in the gym/basement or garage if you have snow but get moving.  Every single day if you’re a walker or 3-5 days a week if you work out hard.  But get Fit.

The benefits of being fit are just incredible.  You won’t just get in shape, you will feel better, you’ll look better, you’ll be motivated to clean up your eating habits and your outlook on life will improve.

Also, winning in the gym will help you win at life.  When you conquer your physical life, it will make you stronger to conquer other areas of your life.  Then you are stronger and more capable of dealing with the garbage the world may throw at you.  You can spit it up and throw it back out.

Here’s to getting fit!!

Peace, Love & Prosperity


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