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New Years and Making Lasting Change

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Does it happen overnight? No, of course not. It takes work to build a life and work to build a business. Working hard is good, we should all know how to do this but working smart is better.

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Happy New Year!! Yes, I know it officially started two weeks ago but with the Holiday on a Monday creating a short week most people didn’t get back into until last week.

The New Year means different things to different people.  Some people love to go celebrate and bring in the new year with champagne, ball gowns and confetti.  Some people prefer to have family & friends gather for games & food & sometimes silly conversation.  Other people prefer to get alone I prayer and meditation and talk to God and plan out the new year.

Whatever way you spend your New year’s celebration most people want to make changes for the new year.  Most people have goals they want to reach, things they want to leave behind and changes they want to make.

Wanting to be better, wanting to do better and wanting the best life possibly I believe is an innate human trait.  We all want to do better and be better.  That’s what makes life worth living.

If you are truly living life, then you are never stagnant.  This doesn’t mean constant change and constant upheaval; it means always learning and always growing from a place of peace not striving.

So how do you make lasting change?  How do you make those New Year’s resolutions come true?  It starts inside.

Lasting change comes from within. 

You have to change you.

I used to love to watch the wardrobe makeover show on TLC.  Stacey and Brad would take a person and completely redo their wardrobe to match their new life.  It may be a college student learning to dress for a corporate job or a Mom wanting to feel good again or a 40-year-old who never left behind their 20-year-old wardrobe.  It was fun to watch the change and the difference.  The problem is the change doesn’t last.  Unless the person feels comfortable in the new outfit, the change doesn’t last.

The college girl that feels more comfortable in baggy clothes like sweats will gravitate towards that type of clothing because that’s what she knows, what she’s comfortable with and most important, that’s how she sees herself.

You can put a suit on but if you don’t feel comfortable in the suit you won’t wear it well.  You will feel awkward and look awkward.  I don’t mean the little awkwardness of just getting used to a suit.  I mean the mindset of you don’t belong in a suit and that’s not you.

Lasting change comes not just from the head but from the heart.

When I was younger if I wanted to make a change, such as lose weight, I simply set my mind to it and I did it.  That was it.  But to keep it off I had to change my heart.

To excel at work or in your business, to have better relationships, to tackle your debt once and for all, you need to change your mindset and your heart.

The alcoholic can stop drinking when he really wants to but unless he deals with the underlying reason he became an alcoholic, he could easily slip back.

If you want a better relationship with your spouse, you need to change yourself.

If you want to grow your business, you need to expand your mindset.

If you want a better life, you need to change your belief system.

If you want a closer relationship with God, you need to let him in.

Change starts from within.  Changing your belief system about yourself and your world, this is how you make and keep lasting change.  Seeing yourself the way God sees you is how you make change.

Getting to know God and understanding, believing, and receiving that he absolutely wants the best for you is how you make change.

I can sit here and teach you the 4 business money mindsets and instruct you how to grow from one belief system to another but without God you aren’t going to be able to implement this fully.  You can think it but you need to believe it to really change. 

Without God, you will never have the best life possibly.  Without God, you will never know that complete peace and Joy that comes from having a relationship with the being that created the entire universe.

Don’t waste another year on resolutions or to-do lists or bucket lists or hoping that things will change.

Get God on your side.  Get God inside of you (this means accepting Jesus into your heart) and then believe and receive the good life that he wants you to have.

A relationship with God has huge benefits.  Those benefits include: good health, peace, Joy, love, prosperity, longevity and protection. 

If you want to truly live your best life ever – GET GOD!!

He will help you change, and he will help you achieve all the desires of your heart.

Peace, Love & Prosperity,


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